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Nabídka diamantu

Why we decided trading diamonds?

The most world transactions are realized through diamond stock exchange. A small volume of diamond trades originate in diamond mining countries. This is just the way we have chosen, as long as it gives us the space for individual transactions and interesting price for clients.

Before you decide to invest, you are invited to select the most attractive offer, to compare our prices to those of competition and to come to know the high price differences on the market. Do make your purchases with real professionals.

Why to invest in diamonds with us?

We are certain that satisfactory answer to this question comprises three major arguments – price, certificate and safe deal!


The diamond purchase price is the essential investment factor. Do not ever buy a brilliant at much higher price it may have. On world stock exchange in Antwerp, London or Tel Aviv you can buy a brilliant about 4 – 47 % over Rapa table. Our final prices range from 5 to 10 % below Rapa table.

Licensed merchants (in the Czech Republic there only two) normally buy the brilliants at price of 8 – 14 % below Rapa table. What requirements are necessary to be met that a man becomes the stock exchange member which permits him to buy profitably? An applicant must have the adequate background as diamonds merchant, he must prove his turnovers, he must become a stock exchange shareholder and he should pass through security procedures. Two stock exchange members should take over the guarantee in favor of applicant, and applicant´s name and photo is published on stock exchange desk a couple of weeks. If, during this period, any stock exchange regular member declares his dissent with the entry of an applicant, the membership is automatically refused. As a stock exchange member, diamond merchant gains mainly his prestige, because it is an elite club. As a result, the final price from licensed stock exchange members climbs up to 8% over Rapa table minimally.

Our diamonds come from an expert and a member of the world diamond stock exchange, who, within tens of years, built up the broad connections with many countries, comprised those where the diamonds are mined. That´s the reason why we can offer you the brilliants at a price minimally 10-15% lower compared to the world diamond stock exchange prices. This price limit cannot be more decreased, because high quality stones, at price of 8% lower compared to Rapa table, are easily tradable on world stock exchange.

Nabídka diamantu


Most of domestic brilliants suppliers offer the certificates only from the Czech laboratories, which, however, don´t have the adequate position on the world market for potential future liquidity. Considering the fact, that the Rapaport Diamond Report is not publically accessible, an ordinary client can hardly compare the Rapaport price to that declared by a seller.

We decided to utilize the objective tool, which is not on domestic market almost used. We deliver the goods with certificate of worldwide recognized Austrian or Israeli state laboratory. These laboratories indicate in the certificate the estimated price of a stone according to Rapaport Diamond Report. Any stone from us is accompanied by GLA - http://www.gla.at/ or DGL- Diamond Gemological Laboratory - http://dgl-labs.com/ certificate (Austrian state laboratory or Israeli independent laboratory, both of them being equipped with the most progressive technology). Web sites of these institutions are indicated in the part "Introductory questions".

Certificate GIA (Gemological Institute of America) can be delivered to our clients together with the goods. This particular institution invented and introduced the first diamonds evaluation system just in the half of thirties of 19-th century. This system is nowadays the best known and the most utilized. At special request, other certificates, such as HRD, IGI, IDC and others can be provided for.

c)Safe sale:

Nabídka diamantu

The unique custodial product brings to the Czech Republic the unique diamond investment possibilities even for those clients, who have never before considered such a sort of investment, which they had considered as very risky from transparency and safety of the transaction point of view.

In the cooperation with the banking sector, a new product is being introduced, which is a similarity with the real property sales secured account. Client signs, together with the purchase contract, the secured account contract and he deposits the purchase price. The means on the secured account can only be used for settlement of diamond purchase, after its checking and handing over in the bank with the assistance of a notary. The diamond together with the certificate is handed over to client in the discrete bank milieu and under strict security conditions. The client puts it into his bank safety box and he is free to dispose it the next day. The verified record on diamond handing over and the buyer´s approval to settle the invoice are handed over to the bank, which, based on the above, transfers the money to seller´s account. This is a way how to assure the client that he pays for reliably checked goods and only after the delivery.

Apart of the above basic arguments (price, certification and safety sale), it should be automatically understood, that our services from the first contact with the client are both highly professional and absolutely discrete. We apply the principle of one only trade guarantee for any individual transaction.

Principle of discretion in such transactions is principal of professionalism! We guarantee that any business deal is and will ever remain the business secret.