Diamonds - reliable investment

Diamonds and specifically their treated grinded form (generally called “right brilliants”) are perfect tool of protection of financial means in times when other protective instruments collapsed.

Do you wish to split your means into several investment instruments and do you consider the ever growing alternative?

Apart of stocks, funds, real estates, life insurance, antiques or precious metals, investment diamonds (brilliants) offer a very good chance of investments as well. The major advantage is, among others, long term and steady growth of diamonds prices, which ranges from 7 up to 32 % thanks to increasing demand of the world market.

vývoj ceny za 1-karatový diamant

Briefly said – investment brilliants represent sureness even in times of unreliable financial markets!

The diamonds are the unregistered commodity, and thus they cannot be endangered by legal activities of the states, which is another big advantage. It means, that in case of civil action (dispute) that could threaten your belongings, the diamonds may not figure, if you wish so, on the list of your means.

Further indisputable advantage: brilliants, should it be the case, can be converted all over the world. They are recognized as the whole world steady means of payment, as much as gold, platinum etc., and they can be converted into any currency, you get your money for diamonds in any corner of the world.

peníze a diamant

The biggest deals are done on diamond stock exchange in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, New York, London – in billions dollars of daily turnover.

In the past year, millions of people came to know the vulnerability and valuation of most of their investments during the world economy crises shocks and even in comparison to the power of nature.

High quality diamonds deposited in the bank can serve as a guarantee of eventual credit. A diamond can be deposited in the safe box of a bank of any country, where you stay. No account is needed to be opened and administrated, neither any other administrative procedures (such as purchases of real estates in abroad) are to be realized. Your money safely stays to your disposal in a comfortable form and in the place you choose. Brilliants are highly mobile. You can carry over millions of crowns just in pocket of your jacket or trousers. The dimensions of a diamond enable its easy, quick and unobtrusive transport. The price of high quality diamond (2-3 grams) can be equal to tens of kg of gold. This feature can fall pat in case of unexpected situations, such as fire, flood or any other nature disaster, as well as during the political and social conflicts. In such cases, a valuable art collection or real property turns into vested money, contrary to diamonds.

An interesting appreciation can be brought only by high quality and highly clean stones of weight overhanging 1 carat. These are the diamonds whereas the most attractive appreciation can be expected, since their quantity drastically decreases and the price increase is thus the most probable. The prices of bigger stones show more expressive increase, some of them (starting from 4 carats) having marked increase of up to 37% within one year.

Where would you buy an investment diamond?

Keep in your mind that you should buy diamonds only from a qualified professional you can trust. Otherwise, it may become that you’ll pay a much higher price than it is for this diamond. To invest in diamond it is also very important to know that jewel has to fulfil the conditions of globally valid certificates - HRD (Hoge Raade vor Diamanten), GIA (Gemological Institute of America) a IGI (International Gemological Institute). Of course, we guarantee that our investment diamonds fulfil these conditions.